Apple hires Oculus researcher, Magic Leap engineer

Apple continues to stockpile talent in augmented reality, an area that CEO Tim Cook has said is “incredibly interesting”, as it looks like the company is working on some kind of display or technology that shows computer images superimposed on top of the real world.This month, Apple hired Zeyu Li, who had worked at Magic Leap, the[…]

The Agency-Brand Paths For Augmented And Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality and augmented reality may be traveling in the same basic direction but for agencies and brands, they’re on different roads.The SapientNitro display at the annual eTail East conference in Boston was dominated by a show of virtual reality featuring a digital apartment where information on items shown could be displayed simply by looking[…]

PlayStation VR play area requirements detailed, seated play recommended

PlayStation VR is set to arrive on October 13, but a new official pamphlet being distributed by the company (via Polygon) sheds some light on what players can expect in terms of space requirements and gameplay style. The document shows that the ideal space is about 6′ x 10′ big, with the player seated roughly[…]

Why virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are the 4th wave of tech

Consumer computing platform changes aren’t straight lines — they’re waves. PC, internet, and mobile were the first three waves, and each was faster, larger, and more disruptive than the last. Now the fourth wave of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality is bearing down on us, so let’s dive in.Digi-Capital Platform WavesWaves come in setsGrowing up[…]

Amid Pokémon Go Madness, Nintendo Announces Unified Dev Portal

Nintendo, once a name synonymous with video game innovation and dominance, has merged its developer programs into a single portal, suggesting that the company could be looking to include independent game developers in its comeback plans.Thanks to the overnight success of its new augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go, Nintendo is back in the spotlight[…]

Google had an Oculus competitor in the works — but it nixed the project 

Google recently shut down an internal project to create a high-end standalone virtual reality headset akin to devices from Facebook’s Oculus and HTC, according to sources familiar with the plans.The decision likely stems from Google’s effort to streamline its more ambitious projects, an ongoing slog at the company. In this instance, Google is shifting more[…]

Is Augmented Reality The ‘Fourth Wave’ Of Computing? 

Virtual reality has been a hot topic for months, but Digi-Capital has put a numerical figure on the hype: The company’s Augmented/Virtual Reality report forecasts that the technology is set to disrupt mobile by 2020, bringing in $120 billion in revenue. “Consumer computing platform changes aren’t straight lines, they’re waves,” said Tim Merel, founder and[…]

Sussing Out Google’s Master Plan in the Post-App Era 

We’ve endured the desktop era, the post-PC era, the smartphone era, and don’t forget the comically overused “year of mobile.” Now we’re seeing glimpses of the post-mobile era, characterized by VR and AR. The latter will truly break away from the smartphone, and could have the biggest implications for local.But aside from all these monikers[…]

EyeSight demos VR gesture control using standard phone hardware

Over the past few years EyeSight has been establishing a name for itself by bringing gesture control to a series of computing platforms, from mobile devices to smart eyeglasses. Today’s announcement brings the company’s technology to the format where it arguably makes the most sense: virtual reality. The company isn’t letting out much info on the[…]

Oculus shows developers how it’s making the app store for VR 

The Oculus Rift headset goes on sale in one week, and the virtual reality company is working to ensure it’ll have plenty of content ready to go when people plug in their Rifts for the first time.To help developers distribute games, Oculus VR operates the Oculus Share store, and the Facebook subsidiary held a panel at the Game[…]