7 tips for maximizing Twitter as a marketing and engagement tool 

Facebook may have the largest number of active users, but no platform is better at connecting brands and their followers in real time than Twitter. Unfortunately, very few marketers understand how to properly leverage Twitter. Sound familiar? Well, you need to revamp your approach and focus on engagement.Download the May digital magazineCover story: How analytics[…]

TV Budgets Shifting to Social? Yes, It’s Time to Worry 

It’s that time of year again, when the TV networks talk about how great their upcoming fall shows will be — and everyone else talks about whether they will survive the relentless onslaught of OTT, cord-cutting and myriad other challenges.Social media is one of those challenges. Companies like Facebook have never been shy about touting[…]

Twitter Tweaks 140 Character Calculation

Today, Twitter announced a number of changes aimed at creating richer public conversations by eliminating elements that currently count towards the 140 character limit. Certain elements that previously ate into the 140 character cap (e.g. media attachments, @names that auto-populate when you hit reply to a Tweet, URLs at the end of Tweets, etc.), will[…]

Twitter Beta-Testing a Way to Attach Ads to Tweets in Third-Party Apps 

Twitter is beta-testing a way for advertisers to attach ads to tweets that show up in applications outside of Twitter and its owned apps.Senior product manager Mollie Vandor announced in a blog post that the social network is beta-testing a way for brands to display ads from its MoPub ad-serving solution directly via Twitter Kit timelines for Android[…]

Katy Perry’s Twitter account, the platform’s most followed, got hacked 

Many of Katy Perry’s 89 million Twitter followers—the most on the platform—were probably intrigued and confused when the pop star tweeted supposed archnemesis Taylor Swift this morning. As it turns out, that tweet—along with several others that were filled with profanity and slurs—was the work of a hacker and quickly deleted.Those tweets followed one that[…]

Got privacy? If you use Twitter or a smartphone, maybe not so much 

The notion of online privacy has been greatly diminished in recent years, and just this week two new studies confirm what to many minds is already a dismal picture.First, a study reported on Monday by Stanford University found that smartphone metadata — information about calls and text messages, such as time and length — can reveal[…]

Emojitracker Plans to Shutter After Twitter Revokes API Access 

Twitter has cut Emojitracker’s access to its Streaming API, causing its creator, Matthew Rothenberg, to announce that he will shut the service down in April.Emojitracker provides a real-time visualization of emoji symbol usage on Twitter and has tracked some 14 billion emoji tweets since its launch. Three years ago, Twitter granted Rothenberg’s app with “partner”[…]

Twitter Adds Alt Text Support to Twitter Cards and REST API 

Twitter has added alternative text (alt text) support to Twitter Cards and the Twitter REST API, a feature that has been lacking from the platform since its launch back in 2006. Over the years, a number of developers have created workarounds to address the alt text issue. However, most of the solutions developers have created[…]

Twitter to Launch Twitter Kit 2.0 

On March 23rd, Twitter will release Twitter Kit 2.0 for iOS.  Twitter Kit originally launched in 2014 as a toolkit that allowed developers to leverage Twitter data and functionality to provide richer content within third party apps. The original Twitter Kit included Native Tweet embeds, Tweet Composer, and Sign in with Twitter. Since then, Twitter has added a[…]

Twitter to Version its Ads API 

In response to developer feedback, Twitter will soon add semantic versioning to its Ads API so that developers can more easily deal with new and deprecated features.According to Twitter’s Jacob Petrie, the popular social platform makes numerous changes to its Ads API every month. Wherever possible, it tries to maintain backwards compatibility when making changes,[…]