Internet-Connected TV Penetration Reaches 74% 

The television is becoming part of the Internet of Things in a big way.The smartphone already evolved into the hub or central control point for most smart objects. These range from turning lights on and off to remotely monitoring front door or inside-the-home activity.In addition to the phone, and all the new Internet-connected home gadgetry,[…]

Local Programmatic TV: All of National’s Challenges …

With national programmatic television still in the nascent stage, it’s not surprising that significant adoption of local PTV — which shares all of national’s challenges plus some of its own — is also expected to take several years.A BIA/Kelsey report released this week — its second on this topic this year — forecasts that local[…]

What’s Programmatic TV’s Acceptance Level In Agencies?

As the television upfronts approach, big players continue to roll out new initiatives.The latest is Fox Networks Groups’ announcement that, like NBCUniversal and other majors, it’s dipping into programmatic. Fox is starting by making national cable inventory available through a private exchange to enhance buying automation; enabling targeting with audience data beyond age and gender[…]

Targeting Is a Key Driver of Programmatic TV 

Two fundamental elements define programmatic TV buying: high-scale automation of transactions that follow buyer-seller specifications; and the capacity for data-driven, audience-based buying using third-party data. The marketplace is indicating that targeting is the core driver for programmatic TV activity, much like addressable TV, where data enrichment enables more precise targeting, as explored in a new[…]

Sports Fans to Turn to Traditional TV to Watch Rio Olympics 

Television is likely to remain the top live viewing channel in the US for the upcoming Summer Olympics. According to May 2016 research, the majority of US sports fans said they plan to be glued to the Rio Games via TV this August. But marketers shouldn’t count out other screens when it comes to simultaneous[…]

PlayStation Vue Offers Big 4 Broadcast TV Feeds in All O&O Markets 

Sony confirmed that PlayStation Vue now offers the local feeds of ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in all of their respective owned-and-operated markets, a move that will help to boost the value of the over-the-top pay TV service. Sony said it began to light up those local feeds in waves after the recent national launch of[…]

Shoppers more frequently buy products when they see a ton of ads 

People are more likely to purchase products when brands target them with ads across numerous channels, according to a new report from Fluent.These channels include television, print, and online ads, as well as newer formats such as Facebook and Twitter ads. And if a shopper sees ads for the same products across a majority of[…]

A cord-cutter’s guide to digital TV antennas 

Back in the day, people had “rabbit-ear” antennas on their TV sets and spindly metal antennas on their roofs. Cable and satellite TV practically led those devices to extinction, but now that millions of people are “cutting the cord,” or slimming down their cable bundles, antennas are making a comeback.Download the May digital magazineCover story:[…]

Samsung TV data protection court case in Germany is a wake up call from the past 

There’s no let up among German consumer rights organizations who want technology firms to respect privacy and data protection laws. This week, Samsung’s in the dock over one of its Internet-enabled TVs. Alas, we should have seen it coming – if only we’d been watching the screens that have so clearly been watching us. Even[…]