Have you changed your Punctuation?

I recently overheard a coaching session focused on a sales call. When I heard the coach state “..we need to change our punctuation from ! (Exclamations) to ? (Questions)” I began to think about his point. As sales professionals, what would the impact be if we spent more time asking questions as opposed to exclaiming[…]

10 Simple Rules for Becoming a Better Conversationalist

With the right approach, anyone has the ability to turn small talk into an engrossing conversation. These 10 essential rules will help.In this talk from the TED YouTube channel, radio host Celeste Headlee shares the essential keys to becoming a good conversationalist. Headlee explains, for example, that you don’t have to show you’re paying attention[…]

6 Things First-Year Sales Reps Get Horribly Wrong

My first month of work at HubSpot was unforgettable. Working alongside and learning from marketing’s best of the best had me bursting with excitement and adrenaline, but it also rattled my nerves.My goal to hit the ground running full speed didn’t go as planned. I was a rookie trying to match the work of veterans[…]

The Art of Asking Open-Ended Questions

You bring value to your prospects, clients, and yourself through the questions you ask — but only if they’re good questions. Allow me to introduce you to a concept I call “high-value questions.”Simply stated, a high-value question is one that creates a learning experience for either the questioner (you), the person being questioned (your prospect[…]

How to Define Your Sales Process Stages

I sat staring at the Dun & Bradstreet printout. It listed information for all the prospects in my California territory including the company name, revenue figures, address, telephone number and, of course, the decision maker’s name and title. After all, that’s what they beat into our heads during the intensive five-week training program I’d just[…]