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National CineMedia Says Movie Theater Ads Are Benefitting From TV Industry’s Challenges

The pressures facing the television industry as a result of changing viewership habits aren’t going away any time soon, as evidenced by the latest string of earnings reports from the biggest media players. Aside from the usual suspects of streaming video services and new online platforms, there seems to be another beneficiary of the TV[…]

Big bang, Part Two: San Antonio Spectrum Auction

In just two weeks, on Dec. 8, the Federal Communications Commission will set in motion a series of events that could well change the face of television in America and indeed of the entire media marketplace.In what’s known as a spectrum auction, the FCC is offering TV station owners huge sums of money to sell[…]

Digital Turning ‘Broadcast’ Sales Upside Down

The great challenge for local TV is not only to create compelling digital products and services, but to find and train people to sell them. Station groups are stepping up those efforts, hoping to latch on to some of the dollars that are migrating from broadcast to digital. “Digital, social, secondary channels, websites, mobile –[…]

Do More TV Commercials Equal More Marketers’ Site Visits?

The Video Advertising Bureau, a trade group of major TV network groups, says a study of 125 brands in six categories — restaurants, retail, travel, telecommunications/location-based mobile apps,financial and insurance — show a marketed increase in Web traffic as their TV budgets climb. Source: Do More TV Commercials Equal More Marketers’ Site Visits? 09/22/2015

Connected TV Viewing Rises, Engagement Does Not

Viewing with over-the-top streaming devices on connected TV sets is rising sharply — 380% in the first quarter of this year — yet engagement in ads on these platforms remains low, according to arecent study by Freewheel cited by the ANA/BrightLine research. Source: ANA: Connected TV Viewing Rises Sharply, Marketer Engagement Does Not 09/01/2015

Why This Broadcaster Is Going Beyond TV to Wearables and VR

When Telemundo celebrates the best in U.S. Latin pop culture with tonight’s fourth-annual Premios Tu Mundo, live from Miami’s American Airlines Arena at 8 p.m., the Hispanic broadcaster will have more to tout than just its winners. Source: Why This Broadcaster Is Going Beyond TV to Wearables and VR | Adweek