How bandwidth thieves will be nabbed in the future

Experts say spectrum pilfering is going to become a major industrial problem as software-defined radio becomes more prevalent. Software-defined radio allows frequencies and bands to be simply altered in a device through coding rather than via expensive hardware changes.firefox introWhy I switched back to FirefoxRemember when you ditched Firefox for Chrome and pinkie-swore you’d never[…]

Prezi tries again to get companies to change their presentations 

Prezi, the seven-year-old startup that aims to reinvent the way that people make presentations, has launched a new business-focused offering that’s aimed at getting companies to use its software instead of rivals like PowerPoint. What’s really new in SharePoint 2016?With SharePoint 2016, Microsoft is going back to what SharePoint is all about: Easy collaboration,READ NOWTeams that[…]

FBI raids dental software researcher who discovered private patient data on public server 

Someone alerts you to exposed, unencrypted patient information on your FTP server. Is the correct response to thank them profusely or try to have them charged as a criminal hacker?It is not a trick question. Once again, a security researcher has found himself facing possible prosecution under a federal statute known as the Computer Fraud[…]

Gartner: Cloud will be the “default option” for software deployment by 2020 

By the year 2020, it will be a cloudy world.Researchers at Gartner are out this week with new predictions on what the infrastructure computing market will look like in the coming years. And they’re very bullish on the cloud. The combination of end users gaining comfort with using cloud services combined with vendors shifting to[…]

What CIOs don’t know about open source software 

More companies are contributing to open source projects, but the management of open source software is still chaotic.Those are two of the findings of the 2016 Future of Open Source survey from Black Duck Software, a maker of products to help secure and manage open source code.The survey of over 1,300 developers, development managers, architects,[…]

Report: Amazon Reaches Out To Tech Companies About Shipping Software, already in the midst of overhauling its internal shipping operations, is talking with software companies about coordinating its logistics network.The Wall Street Journal, citing sources at those companies, reported Wednesday that the world’s largest e-retailer wants to license or acquire systems to find shipping routes and hire cargo planes, trucks or ships.The Seattle e-commerce[…]

10 most in-demand Internet of Things skills 

See larger imageImage courtesy PixabayMost in-demand Internet of Things skillsThe Internet of Things (IoT) is in the midst of an explosion, as more connected devices proliferate. But there’s not enough talent with the right skills to manage and execute on IoT projects. In fact, insufficient staffing and lack of expertise is the top-cited barrier for[…]

Expert: Comprehensive software security for cars will take years 

Software security for automobiles is improving but it will take another three or four years until manufacturers can put overarching security architecture in place, says Stefan Savage, winner of the 2015 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award in the Computing Sciences.Four mindblowing Ted Talks for techiesTED talks make that possible to do in a single sitting. Here are[…]

9 Lessons Learned from Building 60 Data Source Integrations 

Gone are the days when developers had to code every aspect of their product from scratch. Today, a cacophony of databases and APIs exist with the explicit purpose of enabling developers to build upon existing frameworks and stacks. But like in any menagerie some birds squawk and squeal while others sing in perfect tune.Over the[…]

Top 5 Rules For Giving Enterprise Apps A Consumer-Grade UX 

Software users in the consumer market have come to expect what is referred to as the “consumer-grade user experience.” It usually goes something like this: a consumer downloads an app from an app store and if it doesn’t meet their needs, they delete it and move on to the next one. Consumers expect the app to get them[…]