Email Marketing – Six Email Habits That Are Alienating Your Customers

Businesses depend on email as the glue that pulls marketing tactics together, yet many otherwise-savvy marketers misuse email in a way that ultimately alienates customers. Here are six common blunders. 1. Batch-and-Blast Years ago, one-size-fits-all communications worked fine, and you might well have created one email for everyone and sent it once a week. Though[…]

Pokemon Go Creator Says It’s Not Reading Your Email 

Facing concerns from privacy advocates and users alike, the company behind the massively popular new smartphone game Pokémon Go responded to claims that the app captures far more user data than it actually needs.“Pokémon Go only accesses basic Google profile information (specifically, your User ID and email address) and no other Google account information is[…]

Majority Of Top Web Sites Vulnerable To Email Spoofing 

Forty-two percent of the top 500 Web sites in the world have not implemented DMARC, according to Swedish security analyst firm Detectify — leaving many consumers at risk for email-based spoofing attacks. Detectify analyzed the email authentication measures of the top 500 global Web sites, as specified by the Amazon-owned Alexa rankings, and discovered that a[…]

France Has Banned Work Email on the Weekends, and So Should We – Vogue

There’s so much to love about France: fries, fancy state daycare, and, now, an official ban on work email after-hours. Embedded in El Khomri, France’s controversial new labor reform package, which allows companies to up the country’s cherished 35-hour work week, is a measure protecting employees’ fundamental “right to disconnect.” The provision makes it unlawful[…]

Mobile Is Email’s Second Chance — Get Relevant Or Go Home 

Mobile has given a new lease of life to email marketing, and it’s too good an opportunity to ignore with messages that are neither well targeted or personalised.That was a point sent home by Sylvain Piquet, VP of strategy for Email at Criteo when we chatted about today’s release of its Dynamic Email service. It’s[…]

Responsive Design, Mobile Key To Getting Responses For Emailers

Brands that embrace responsive design see 24% more clicks than brands that don’t, according to Yesmail’s Q4 2015 email marketing compass. The report’s final verdict: Mobile is indispensible for continued growth and better performance from email campaigns.Email will reach 3 billion users by 2020, according to the Radicati group, growing 3% YoY for the next[…]

Email is dying among mobile’s youngest users 

In case there was any doubt that messaging apps were the future of communication in the mobile-first era, a new study released this morning puts some solid numbers behind their traction – and their increasing dominance over email, among today’s youngest users. According to a report from App Annie, email is effectively dying among this[…]

SendGrid Deprecates Several API Endpoints 

SendGrid, a Colorado-based email delivery service, announced they are sunsetting two of their API endpoints this month. In a short email sent to their API consumers, Sendgrid stated that all API calls must now use a new base URL. They also directed developers to reference SendGrid’s new API documentation or to contact them through their[…]

New Gmail Plug-In Highlights Words And Phrases That Undermine Your Message

New Gmail Plug-In Highlights Words And Phrases That Undermine Your MessageThe Chrome extension called “Just Not Sorry” warns you when your messages contain wishy-washy language like “I’m no expert” or “sorry, but.”By Lydia DishmanLook back at the last few emails you sent. Do you see phrases like “I’m no expert” or “does that make sense?”[…]