Senior citizens less likely to use digital health tools, JAMA study finds 

Senior citizens – by far the largest healthcare consumer base in terms of the cost, duration and intensity of their care – are the least likely to use tools aimed at helping them take a more active role in their health management. In a survey study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),[…]

Polaroid ‘Swing’ aims to help an old brand learn a new trick

Polaroid, the iconic but indebted camera company that endured two bankruptcies in less than 10 years, is ready for its digital era close-up.The company is getting a second chance at life with “Polaroid Swing,” which it recently launched and basically functions as a digital Polaroid. The app lets users take 60 frames in one second,[…]

Studies show digital health might not reach seniors, low income populations 

Are digital health tools reaching the populations that need them the most? That was the question that concerned two recent publications: a small study of patients with low health literacy conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, and a research letter published in JAMA looking at digital health usage by a cohort of 7,000 seniors over four[…]

Digital health tools tackle Zika and other health hazards of Rio Olympics 

The 2016 Olympic Games are, defiantly, upon us. In the face of Rio de Janeiro’s questionable quality of air, water, mosquito-borne disease control, plus high crime rates, public health officials around the world are bracing for the impact.So, where safety and public health interventions end, the apps are here to fill in the gaps. Most[…]

The EFF is suing over one of the worst US copyright rules

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is attempting to overturn a US copyright provision that can stop people from doing anything from remixing videos to fixing cars. In a lawsuit filed today, it argues that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s rules against circumventing copy protection — designed to stop people from pirating copyrighted works — places unconstitutional[…]

Sports Fans to Turn to Traditional TV to Watch Rio Olympics 

Television is likely to remain the top live viewing channel in the US for the upcoming Summer Olympics. According to May 2016 research, the majority of US sports fans said they plan to be glued to the Rio Games via TV this August. But marketers shouldn’t count out other screens when it comes to simultaneous[…]

Digital nomads post to their travel blog without wireless contracts

Some people dream of traveling the world on a budget and staying in touch as digital nomads. Married couple Sam and Toccara Best have made that dream a reality.Both have been producing a travel blog from far-flung locales called Forget Someday for more than a year mainly by using only their cell phones with no[…]

6 reasons team collaboration is so important in online marketing 

Marketing departments are undergoing a strange shift in some niches, reducing or eliminating the collaborative power of an entire team in favor of individuals — such as entrepreneurs or seasoned marketing professionals — who oversee campaigns by themselves. In reality, teams are far more efficient due to their collaborative nature, but too many businesses have[…]

Google Now Controls 12 Percent of All Global Media Spend 

Alphabet—Google’s reorganized holding company—is the world’s largest media owner in the world, according to a new report from Zenith Media today.Alphabet controls 12 percent of all global media spend, which primarily comes from Google and YouTube’s ad sales. The company collects $60 billion in U.S. ad spend—a figure 166 percent larger than No. 2 ranking[…]

Online Sales Hits Record 11.1% Of Retail Sales 

According to Forrester Research, by Sucharita Mulpuru, US online retail is expected to reach to reach $373 billion in 2016. That figure will grow to more than $500 billion by 2020. The study explores the drivers of online retail sales growth in the US and the challenges the industry faces in the years to come.US online retail sales topped[…]