Understanding Today’s Cyber-Security Threats

Over the past few years, digital technologies have rippled through the business world and unleashed unprecedented innovation and disruption. Yet today’s technology framework also has put businesses in the crosshairs and created new levels of risk.No longer are cyber-threats thwarted by clearly defined perimeters such as firewalls. No longer are malware and cyber-attacks blocked by[…]

What to expect from the Trump administration on cybersecurity 

Look for U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration to push for increased cybersecurity spending in government, but also for increased digital surveillance and encryption workarounds.That’s the view of some cybersecurity policy experts, who said they expect Trump to focus on improving U.S. agencies’ cybersecurity while shying away from new cybersecurity regulations for businesses. Trump is likely to[…]

Data breaches hit all-time record high, increase 40% in 2016 

The number of U.S. data breaches tracked in 2016 hit an all-time record high of 1,093, according to a new report by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and CyberScout. This represents a substantial hike of 40 percent over the near record high of 780 reported in 2015. This raises the question: are there actually[…]

Digital transformation forces businesses to rethink cybersecurity 

Seeking to maintain competitive advantage, gain market share and satisfy evolving customer demands, businesses around the globe are pursuing digital transformation. And that digital transformation is forcing reevaluation of cybersecurity strategies, according to a new study by BMC and Forbes Insights.One of the more significant changes, says Brian Downey, senior director of Product Management, Security[…]

America’s cyber security still lacking

On July 26, President Barack Obama signed the United States Cyber Incident Coordination policy directive to help outline a response plan when our country is targeted through cyber attacks. The new policy was signed without much fanfare, thanks to the Democratic nomination of Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democratic National Convention. Ironically, they[…]

NSA’s use of software flaws to hack foreign targets posed risks to cybersecurity 

To penetrate the computers of foreign targets, the National Security Agency relies on software flaws that have gone undetected in the pipes of the Internet. For years, security experts have pressed the agency to disclose these bugs so they can be fixed, but the agency hackers have often been reluctant. Now with the mysterious release[…]

Your next 10 security pain points

Going to security conferences always stimulates my imagination. It makes me think outside of the box and remove the cruff that develops when I sit inside my lab too long—staring at vCenter monitors, 10 open bash sessions, security consoles, and emails from colleagues swallowing Xanax.9 ways to bend Windows 10 to your willCustomize Windows 10[…]

A Glimmer of Hope for Cyberthreat Data Sharing 

Sharing cyberthreat information-sharing is far from easy, but banks are adopting new tools to use strength in numbers to defend against attacks. Greater involvement by banks in the nonprofit Financial Services-Information Sharing and Analysis Center — founded in 1999 — to communicate threats is a given in the current security environment. But effective sharing among[…]

FBI Agent to CHIME Attendees: The Cybersecurity Environment Is Becoming More Dangerous

The level of cybersecurity threat is growing exponentially in healthcare right now, but there are some very clear strategies that the leaders of patient care organizations can and should do in order to fight back. That was the core of the message that Timothy J. Wallach, a supervisory special agent in the Cyber Task Force[…]

Expert: Deficient State Department cybersecurity threatens small business 

Deficient cybersecurity at Hillary Clinton’s State Department could have negative implications for American businesses, a House panel heard on Wednesday, due to vulnerabilities that foreign actors have been able to exploit in the quest to steal trade secrets.Noting FBI Director James Comey’s Tuesday statement that the agency had “developed evidence that the security culture of[…]