Why should development teams choose your API management solution?

Rogue Wave Software’s Ian Goldsmith, and CA Technologies’ Bill Oakes and David Chiu make a case for their company’s API management solutions.Ian Goldsmith, vice president of Akana product management at Rogue Wave SoftwareOne of the easiest way to answer that is when you look at the analysts who do in-depth studies of these products such[…]

CNN politics launches a new iOS mobile app focused on the numbers behind the 2016 campaign season 

CNN Politics launched a new iOS app on Thursday dedicated to all the numbers (election results, delegate tracking) driving the 2016 election season coverage. The app offers all the things mobile news apps do now: notifications, mobile-friendly visualizations, Snapchat Discover-esque left/right swiping to move between stories and up/down swiping to dive deeper into a specific[…]

DevOps and Superheroes: What’s Your Kryptonite?

There are many of superhero movies released every year. The next major release has Batman and Superman squaring off in the ultimate death match. In the red corner, there is the Man of Steel and all-round good guy Clark Kent. And in the blue corner stands the Dark Knight and psychologically challenged Bruce Wayne.On the[…]