Other Peoples’ Software: Five Good Business Reasons To Adopt APIs – Forbes

Can a business these days survive without creating or engaging or getting involved in any way with web APIs? Perhaps, but it would be missing out on one of the most compelling opportunities since the rise of the cloud era. Plus, in the words of Brian Koles of ChallengePost, it would also risk standing alone[…]

13 ways your business can attract more social media followers 

Most businesses these days, especially retail and service businesses, have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. But in order to attract prospective customers to your business page(s), you need to actively court and engage fellow Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn users. How? Here are 13 suggestions.Download the May digital magazineCover story: How analytics transforms IoT[…]

How Avoidance Destroys Strategic Initiatives

By definition, a strategic initiative is an “experiment” and, as Jeff Bezos once said, “If you know it’s going to work, it’s not an experiment.” Wherever there is uncertainty there will be anxiety. But a common way to deal with anxiety is to avoid it. This highlights a conundrum that strategic initiatives present: in situations[…]

What Is Leadership?

Throughout history, much has been written about what it means to be a leader. Ancient Chinese military general and “Art of War” author Sun Tzu described a leader as one who “cultivates the moral law, and strictly adheres to proper methods and discipline.” Nineteenth-century historian Thomas Carlyle believed leaders were born and not made, while[…]

5 basic human values of high-performance workplaces 

Although business leaders try to boost performance by enforcing rules, their efforts lead, ironically, to disengagement and apathy, and an estimated 70% of employees in the United States remain miserable in their jobs.The issue lies in employee morale. To create an inspired, high-performing workforce, leaders should promote five basic human values: positive assumptions, trust, inclusion, challenge, and recognition.By[…]

10 tips for CIOs looking for a seat on the board 

CIOs who strive to be board members must be able to communicate with senior executives and rapidly analyze balance sheets, 10-K filings and other financial documents. But there is much more to serving on a board than showing up for meetings and discussing corporate strategies. Board membership requires CIOs to build rapports with senior managers,[…]

Why API Monitoring Matters To Every Business

One of the stealthy trends in business computing is the gradual rise in reliance on APIs. Almost every digital interaction involves an API being called to gather data or invoke some key action. You can’t play Words with Friends without APIs and WalMart cannot run its vendor-managed inventory without them either.APIs (also known as Application[…]

Social Impact B Corporations are on the Rise

A little provision was sneaked into the Italian parliament’s big end-of-year budget package: it will now be possible for Italian companies, new or already existing, to incorporate as “Società Benefit,” or Benefit Corporations. These companies will be officially allowed to put societal benefit on a par with profits.In the US, 30 states plus Washington, DC,[…]