Challenger Brands vs. Establishment Brands in Google

In both business and social spheres, we talk constantly about hot new brands stirring up various markets. And where there’s talk, there’s typing. To take the pulse of America’s hottest brands, in both traditional and emerging categories, we’ve examined Google search trend data for both the Davids and the Goliaths they’re up against. Source: Challenger[…]

Influencer Marketing Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity Among Brand Marketers 

As concerns about ad blocking grow, influencer marketing is becoming more important to brands. YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat have become popular channels, and new tools are making it easier to work with influencers, as explored in a new eMarketer report, “Influencer Marketing for US Brands: The Platforms to Watch, and the Best Ways to Work[…]

See, hear, touch: Brands capitalize on human senses to drive mobile value

A flurry of interactive features on branded digital experiences show how marketers are broadly ramping up mobile-first utility by appealing to the key human senses of touch, hearing and sight. Marketers are increasingly embracing Tinder-like swiping, image recognition and voice recognition for a variety of mobile-driven experiences that are easier and more convenient than ever.[…]

Are your apps invisible to search? Top brands fail at ‘app indexing’

Just 20% of iOS apps and 30% of Android Apps are able to support Google’s new app indexing, meaning brands are missing out on significant amounts of search traffic, according to new research.The research, from Searchmetrics, indicates that many brands are failing to let content from their apps show up in Google’s organic search results.Google[…]

One tweet can go a long way!

Recently, I was traveling and booked in a seat that didn’t quite excite me for the almost three- hour flight. I checked in 24 hours in advance and monitored the seat map throughout the day, hoping a better seat would become available. I really wanted the leg room of an emergency row seat. I was[…]

Content Engagement Rates Faltering

Despite the explosion in digital content, it appears that marketers in every industry lack the knowledge to increase engagement rates online. Brands reaching out to consumers find that engagementrates with their content average 20%, but for businesses reaching out to other businesses, that average rate rises to 50%. Source: Content Engagement Rates Faltering 07/31/2015