Beacons Inside: Sensors Become Part Of In-Store Displays 

As beacons evolve, so too does the way marketers use them.Once started out as small, battery-powered, radio-transmitting devices, beaconing technology is being integrated and incorporated into other things.Beaconing technology is being incorporated into lighting and Wi-Fi access points in large stores, as I wrote about here a while back (Beacons, GPS, Wi-Fi Combo: The New[…]

Placed’s Proposition To App Users: Share Your Location, Get Frequent Flyer Miles

The persistent question about accessing consumers’ location data for the purposes of serving ads and gaining insights about the place-based patterns created by smartphone geo-data involves participation: can people be incentivized into sharing where they are and where they’ve been?A second question addresses accuracy: how reliable and specific is such information?Fly Me To The StorePlaced’s[…]

Compared To Other Businesses, Healthcare Providers Afflicted By A Lack Of Listing Accuracy 

An outdated or even non-existent listing can result in a loss of business or a dissatisfied customer. But as competition for online discovery intensifies among healthcare providers and facilities, weak location data is not only debilitating to their business, but it can also mean that patients don’t receive the best care possible.Last month, location data[…]

7 Myths And Misconceptions About Beacons 

Three years have passed since the introduction of Apple’s iBeacon technology, and most marketers are certainly aware of beacons by now. But plenty of confusion persists, both within the industry and without. Below, myth-busting seven of the most common misconceptions about the proximity devices.Beacons are collecting and tracking my infoNope. Beacons simply broadcast a signal[…]

Why One Of The Best Places For A Beacon May Be A Parking Lot 

After launching a beacon and geofencing program at 249 parking lots in Chicago earlier this year, proximity platforms Access Mobility 24 and Gimbal are adding 4,000 beacons to lots across the country to better connect drivers and local businesses.The Chicago parking proximity program, known as Push Local 24,  is concentrated on the city’s Gold Coast[…]

Shoppers Lean On Mobile, As Marketers Refine Location Targeting

As retailers prep for back-to-school shopping with mobile, what consumers are looking for from an in-store shopping experience may not be exactly what they get.Even though just past the start of summer, back-to-school shopping already has begun, according to the recent Rubicon Project, conducted by Penn Schoen Berland, comprising 1,500 interviews of parents.The majority (60%)[…]

How Can Retailers Get Ready For Back To School Shopping? 

Summer may be in full swing, but this is the time that stores are already making their inventory and marketing plans for the crucial back-to-school season.And to eMarketer, that season is looking healthier than past periods for retailers.Major retail brands have faced anemic growth and the challenge of facing discounting and showrooming from online-only rivals[…]

10 Ways Beacons Will Change SEO 

Beacons, the in-store devices that help retailers communicate with consumers on their mobile devices and theoretically enhance the in-store shopping experience, could mean big changes in SEO as they evolve. First and foremost, given the interaction can only occur when consumers are within a specific geographic range, beacons will increase the importance of local search[…]

The Supermarket Slump: Why Is The Grocery Industry So Behind On Beacons?

Over the past year, retailers warmed up to beacons in a big way. We saw major brands like Urban Outfitters and American Eagle dive deep into beacon testing, and others like Macy’s and Lord & Taylor roll out beacons in all of their store locations. It’s not just apparel retailers either that are jumping on[…]

Beacons, GPS, Wi-Fi Combo: The New Mobile Presence 

Beacons are becoming so yesterday.Not beaconing, for sure, but the actual standalone, battery-operated, radio-transmitting beacon.Beacons aren’t actually going away, they’re becoming embedded into other things, from lighting to Wi-Fi access points in large stores.More importantly, the location data from beaconing is now becoming much more integrated with other location data, such as from Wi-Fi and[…]