B2B Marketers Struggle to Create Effective Content Marketing Materials

More B2B marketers are realizing the benefits of content marketing as a method to generate leads and drive customer engagement. But even as marketers recognize the importance of the discipline, many still struggle with the logistics necessary to produce compelling content.SHARE17933511One reason for the uptick in B2B content marketing is a growing consensus among marketers[…]

B2B marketers start to see value in social media 

Social media is becoming a preferred channel for business-centric sales and marketing professionals, according to a new report from Forrester Research. While B2C marketers have been using social for years, it is now a crucial access point for establishing new and rewarding relationships in the enterprise, the report says. Download the May digital magazineCover story: How[…]

Why Budget Doesn’t Matter in B2B Selling 

Jamie, the CEO of a technology company, approached me for help to figure out why his company could not grow beyond their existing level. His company was struggling to maintain their profit margin. They also found that their sales cycles were taking much longer than they could tolerate. Finally, they were frustrated that their clients[…]

B2B’s biggest battle: How Amazon and Alibaba are revolutionising B2B commerce

Online marketplaces, in particular Alibaba and Amazon, are proving central to the future of B2B commerce. But with each dominant in their own back yards, it will be when they go head-to-head in new markets that things really get interesting.By 2020, global online business-to-business retail sales will be more than double that of consumer retail,[…]

Why 2016 will be the year of the customer

The next 12 months will prove critical for companies looking to bridge the divide between digitally savvy and empowered customers.As the new year rapidly approaches, Forrester has put its top predictions on the line and says 2016 will a year driven by complex, high-stakes customer-obsessed strategies.Year of the customer In 2016, business leaders will shift[…]

How do you reinvent a B2B media company for the future?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, but investors often take the view that there’s a sole path to success for a publisher, and only minor variation allowed along the way.But as pointed out by Briefing Media co-founder Neil Thackray when he chaired a panel entitled ‘Reinventing the business model for B2B products[…]