The era of identity-based applications 

Identity and access management (IAM) has always been a heavy burden for large organizations. Why? Multiple folks across companies—business people, software developers, IT operations, human resources, security, compliance auditors, etc.— play some role across the IAM spectrum.9 ways to bend Windows 10 to your will Customize Windows 10 to your liking, not theirs.READ NOWAs a[…]

The best messaging apps with end-to-end encryption

There is a growing consciousness about the desire to keep one’s messages private. Some are concerned about hackers, or worry about the government spying on them, but most people just agree with the general principle that what you say in your chat conversations ought to stay between you and the people you chat with.Today’s top[…]

The scourge of LEDs everywhere: Readers speak out  

We didn’t claim that our recent story titled “Lights out! Why IT shops are disabling wireless AP LEDs” was tackling one of the world’s major problems, but it clearly addressed one of the tech world’s ongoing annoyances.Roughly 300 comments have been made about the story by those who found it on the Slashdot website, others chimed[…]

Apple Pay coming to 200,000-plus websites, not just in-store or in-app 

Apple Pay on websites launched on Tuesday with the release of iOS 10 for the iPhone and iPad — and will hit Mac desktops when macOS Sierra launches next Tuesday.More than 200,000 websites — including small and large retailers — plan to support Apple Pay on their sites in coming weeks, Apple said Tuesday. Many[…]

Why Dominos’ virtual assistant struggles to understand your orders 

As pizza chains go, Dominos Pizza’s use of digital technologies to allow you to place orders from any computing device is among the most progressive in the U.S. But even an innovator can struggle to implement emerging technologies that some smartphone-toting consumers may not be ready to embrace. Such is the case for Dominos, which[…]

Hispanics Strongly Favor Grocery e-Commerce 

Whether they’re deciding what to buy or making the transaction itself, Hispanic shoppers are proving to be more involved online than their non-Hispanic counterparts when grocery shopping, according to the latest HispanicLink study from Chicago-based market researcher IRI.Hispanics tend to shop online more than non-Hispanics in several critical categories, including cosmetics, fragrances and beauty, and[…]

Report finds health, fitness apps lag in privacy polices compared to other apps 

Health and fitness apps may potentially reveal data-enabled insights into the daily lives of those who use them, but what they sometimes fail to reveal are the ways they use the data collected on users.A recent study from the Future of Privacy Forum, a Washington, DC-based think tank that works to advance responsible data practices,[…]

Beacons Inside: Sensors Become Part Of In-Store Displays 

As beacons evolve, so too does the way marketers use them.Once started out as small, battery-powered, radio-transmitting devices, beaconing technology is being integrated and incorporated into other things.Beaconing technology is being incorporated into lighting and Wi-Fi access points in large stores, as I wrote about here a while back (Beacons, GPS, Wi-Fi Combo: The New[…]

11:FS researcher discovers bank apps’ facial recognition can be hacked using iPhone Live Photos

A researcher claims to have discovered a security vulnerability in 2 banks’ mobile phone apps that lets someone get into the account with just a picture of the account holders.Meaghan Johnson, director of research at fintech consultancy 11:FS, says she found that people could access her account using an iPhone “Live Photo” of her. “Live Photos” capture[…]

Intel IoT Executive: We’re ‘Uniquely Positioned’ To Partner For The Internet Of Things

Intel executive Venkata “Murthy” Renduchintala said Wednesday that the company is “uniquely positioned” as a partner for tapping into the lucrative Internet of Things market.“The interconnectedness of everything is something that will be a real game-changer,” he told partners and developers during his keynote at Intel Developer Forum, which takes place in San Francisco this[…]