CompTIA shows how tech continues to shape the world 

Paced by anticipated customer demand for emerging technology, services and software, information technology (IT) industry executives enter 2017 with a positive outlook, according to the IT Industry Outlook 2017 released by CompTIA, a technology association. Their “consensus forecast” projects global industry growth of 4.1 percent in 2017. “With the groundwork of cloud, mobility, data and[…]

11 Mobile App Development Trends That Are Here to Stay in 2017

2016 brought a ton of potential, and app developers can enhance their skills if they have insight into the latest mobile app development trends. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Waking up with a morning alarm, using Whatsapp, listening to music, reading news, watching YouTube videos, checking mail, updating project statuses, and[…]

HealthMine: Consumers’ Digital Health Data Is Often Going Nowhere

Nearly half (46%) of Americans who use digital health tools say the data collected by these tools is not incorporated into their healthcare, according to HealthMine’s recent research, conducted with 2,500 consumers enrolled in health plans in 2016. In fact, three quarters (75%) of consumers who use mobile/internet-connected health apps are willing to share the[…]

ResMed launches app for CPAP users to track sleep apnea treatment 

For those who wear continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) masks — which help people with sleep apnea maintain steady, regular breathing while asleep – a new app is designed to help support device users and improve adherence. With myAir, an offering from medical device company ResMed, CPAP users can now track their treatment via an iOS[…]

Polaroid ‘Swing’ aims to help an old brand learn a new trick

Polaroid, the iconic but indebted camera company that endured two bankruptcies in less than 10 years, is ready for its digital era close-up.The company is getting a second chance at life with “Polaroid Swing,” which it recently launched and basically functions as a digital Polaroid. The app lets users take 60 frames in one second,[…]

Teladoc plans chronic condition-focused programs by year’s end 

Teladoc plans to launch its first chronic condition management program by the end of the year, CEO Jason Gorevic revealed at a session toward the end of the American Telemedicine Association convention in Minneapolis. “We’re still in the final stages of deciding whether it’s going to be cardiovascular disease or diabetes,” he said. “It’s a tremendous[…]

Tinker Kicks Off Tinder Social

Treading on Facebook’s turf, Tinder is officially launching Tinder Social — a way for users to connect with friends, and synchronize their social calendars.After testing Tinder Social in Australia, the dating giant said it learned a few things.“We learned that people were looking for a better way to plan their night out with friends —[…]

Amid Pokémon Go Madness, Nintendo Announces Unified Dev Portal

Nintendo, once a name synonymous with video game innovation and dominance, has merged its developer programs into a single portal, suggesting that the company could be looking to include independent game developers in its comeback plans.Thanks to the overnight success of its new augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go, Nintendo is back in the spotlight[…]

Salesforce1 update will leave many mobile devices out in the cold

An upcoming update to the Salesforce1 mobile app will dramatically reduce the number of supported devices and effectively leave users of all but the latest and most popular devices out in the cold.With its Winter ’17 release, due to arrive this October, Salesforce is dropping support for all Android phones except the Samsung Galaxy S5,[…]

Local Businesses: How to Rank Your Business’ Website in Google Local Search Results 

Ahhh. The good old days! It used to be fairly simple for local businesses to rank high in Google’s search engine results. Local search is typically much easier to rank for than a national company – there’s less competition in your local area. However, Google has made changes to local search that makes it even[…]