Connected Devices Seen As Boost To Mobile Commerce

The Internet of Things is coming to commerce and may have an attractive value proposition for consumers.A new report suggests that connected devices can reduce the friction of transactions for consumers and therefore increase purchase volumes in commerce.As a result, IoT will contribute to the future evolution of e-commerce, according to Javelin’s 2016 Online Retail[…]

Report: Amazon Reaches Out To Tech Companies About Shipping Software, already in the midst of overhauling its internal shipping operations, is talking with software companies about coordinating its logistics network.The Wall Street Journal, citing sources at those companies, reported Wednesday that the world’s largest e-retailer wants to license or acquire systems to find shipping routes and hire cargo planes, trucks or ships.The Seattle e-commerce[…]

Amazon Plans Big Push to Expand Prime Now Fast Delivery Inc. plans to broaden the reach of its fast delivery service Prime Now, and is selling major brands promotional deals connected to the expansion, a sign the world’s largest Internet retailer is satisfied with early results from the nascent offering.The service — now only available through the Prime Now app on smartphones — will[…]

AWS Limited Release IoT Button Sells Out in Hours 

This past Friday, Amazon quietly launched the AWS IoT Button, a limited release programmable button that developers can program to control connected devices and services. Based on Amazon Dash Button hardware, the AWS IoT Button is a simple Wi-Fi device that developers can use to get started with AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Notification[…]

4 ConAgra Brands Among New Amazon Dash Button Launches 

ConAgra’s Hunt’s tomatoes, Slim Jim meat snacks, Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn and David sunflower seeds are today introducing the first Amazon Dash buttons in those categories.They are among a new wave of brands being introduced in the Dash program as it marks its first anniversary, Jonas Paretzkin, director, emerging technologies and e-commerce for ConAgra, tells Marketing[…]

Could Amazon Dash Buttons Eventually Order MRO Products?

On the one-year anniversary of the release of the first batch of its innovative Dash Buttons, Amazon has tripled the amount of buttons available to more than 100, announcing an additional 80 on Thursday.Amazon’s Dash Buttons — USB-sized buttons for instant reordering of products — have gained dozens of well-known brands covering a range of consumer[…]

DIY: Raspberry Pi can now morph into Amazon Echo voice assistant 

Amazon, apparently more interested in exposing you to its Alexa Voice Service than getting you to fork over $180 for its Echo voice assistant, has published detailed instructions on building your own version of Echo using a $35 Raspberry Pi 2 single-board computer.Four mindblowing Ted Talks for techiesTED talks make that possible to do in[…]

Rumor: Google Working on Amazon Echo Competitor 

It should come as little surprise that Google—which is slowly looking to play more in the Internet of Things space—is now looking to build its own competitor to Amazon’s Echo.When the company released its OnHub router, which supports Google’s own Thread and Weave protocols, in addition to Bluetooth 4.1, I half-expected the cylindrical device to[…]

Amazon Adds New Improvements to Alexa Voice Service 

Amazon has released new improvements to its Alexa Voice Service (AVS) allowing developers to incorporate additional voice-enabled capabilities into any connected product. Alexa is the voice-activated intelligent assistant that powers Amazon Echo. Amazon released a developer preview of AVS last year that includes a set of RESTful APIs and other tools developers can use to[…]

Amazon Wants Patent for Paying With a Selfie Photo

The Seattle-based e-commerce company recently filed a patent application for a process that would allow shoppers to make a purchase by taking a photo and/or video of themselves rather than keying in their account password. The application is related to a separate patent Amazon holds for a technology that allows a device to authenticate a[…]