For Marketers, a Brand Safety Wake-Up Call – eMarketer

The Google ad boycott is more than a black eye for the internet giant, it’s a wake-up call to the advertising industry. And that may not be a bad thing, according to Marc Goldberg, CEO of Trust Metrics, a publisher verification firm. “Google’s position at the moment has put a lot of advertisers in a[…]

How Mobile Ad Tech Pioneer Kim Perell Positions Amobee For Growth

The Ad Tech and Marketing Tech worlds are burgeoning but fast consolidating sectors as marketers and their ad agencies seek to gain better control over the fragmented media and mobile device landscapes.  Understanding and tracking consumer behavior across device and media channel in order to provide more relevant and personalized messaging is today’s marketer’s Holy[…]

More People Block Ads On Mobile Than Desktop 

About 419 million mobile users, or 22% of all mobile users, have ad blockers installed on their devices globally — excluding content blocking apps, in-app ad blockers, and opt-in browser ad blockers.The data is from a PageFair and Priori Data report.The number of users with ad blockers was only 200 million when PageFair released their[…]

ANA report on ad agency transparency: set to be explosive

A bombshell trade report lands next month which will reveal whether US advertising agencies accept rebates from media companies, and whether those agencies are transparent about disclosing them and passing them back to their clients, sources told Business Insider.The report, commissioned by advertiser trade body the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), is set to be[…]

Marketers Struggle With Effective Mobile Ads 

Despite the fact that spending on digital video ads is expected to nearly triple from $5.2 billion in 2014 to $14.8 billion 2019, with mobile making up an ever-growing share of that growth, marketers still struggle to develop the most effective mobile content.The average user increased their mobile video viewing time by 36% from 2014-2015,[…]

How Super Awesome is building the global infrastructure for digital kids’ advertising

After creating her insect avatar, a child playing the online game Bin Weevils can chat or message other players, visit their nests or simply explore the rich digital landscape of the 3D world. Among the possible destinations is “Lego City,” a branded island where kids can play games, pilot hovercrafts or drive bulldozers. Afterwards, she[…]


How to Create and Extend an Already Great Brand

Every business works hard to build a brand, to create an image that identifies their products and services and differentiates them from their competition.But can your brand–no matter how positive and highly-regarded–actually create a marketing obstacle?Surprisingly, the answer is yes.Here’s another in my series of interviews where I pick a topic and connect with someone[…]

Page Views Don’t Matter Anymore—But They Just Won’t Die

The page view is a zombie. For years, everyone has been saying it is no longer a meaningful way to measure online popularity. But the publishers who make websites and the advertisers who pay for them swore throughout the year that they’re no longer fooled. The era where a mere click is the crown jewel[…]

Consumers Can’t Tell Native Ads From Editorial Content

Consumers have difficulty distinguishing between native advertising and editorial content, according to a new study by researchers at Grady College in Georgia, published in the December issue of the Journal of Advertising.The study, titled “Going Native: Effects of Disclosure Position and Language on the Recognition and Evaluation of Online Native Advertising,” investigated how consumers react[…]

Ad Tech Growth Hits Speed Bump

Growth in the advertising technology industry may be hitting a speed bump.Dozens of companies offering technology to automate ad sales or offer more sophisticated ad-targeting have come onto the market in recent years, contributing to an unwieldy digital advertising ecosystem. Venture funding for ad tech startups is harder to come by and many more established[…]