How Will IoT Impact Doctors, Patients, And Pharma?

While the medical and drug industries have seen advanced treatments, research, and diagnostic tools leap ahead of other sectors for the past four decades, the same has not been true when it comes to the way doctors, insurers, pharmaceutical companies interact and connect with patients via their personal technologies.That appears to be changing suddenly across the board, as an eMarketer study notes that tech companies are finding burgeoning from a variety of healthcare constituencies about exploring digital programs that complement traditional therapies and services. The big promise of these so-called digitally-oriented“beyond-the-pill” or “around-the-pill” services is that providers will be able to craft responses to patients that are more personal, efficient, and cost-effective.For the moment, these services face an array of regulatory and privacy concerns.But as eMarketer’s report, US Healthcare Beyond The Pill, the groundwork has been carefully laid over the past several years and these approaches are starting to gain traction.In particular, healthcare IoT, which touches on the devices, sensors,and platforms that includes popular consumer products like health and fitness trackers and other wearables, is now moving into the next phase, eMarketer says. That coming step includes electronic health records (EHRs), smart medical devices, and even ingestibles and implantables that can report back the work they do inside a body.

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