Transforming IT? Keep your eye on three time horizons

When Clark Golestani set about transforming the IT organization at Merck & Co., he adopted a “three horizons” model:The first horizon “looks at the next 18 months, with the goal of driving best possible service level at the lowest possible cost.”The second horizon, 18 to 36 months, focuses on customer-facing activities and boosting revenue.The third horizon looks 36 months out, seeking opportunities for digital disruption.Download the May digital magazineCover story: How analytics transforms IoT data into business intelligenceREAD NOW[ Also on Inside Bank of America’s IT transformation ]In a recent webcast held by the CIO Executive Council (CEC), Golestani described how this approach led to a major IT staff reorganization, resulting in “extremely close alignment of IT with all of our business colleagues” and three global IT hubs.The webcast discussion of IT and business transformation also included Robert Logan, former CIO at SAIC, and Kathy Kountze-Tatum, CIO at Eversource Energy.Kountze-Tatum described how she turned her IT department into a team of “strategists and advisers” — akin to an in-house consulting firm — helping business partners use technology to achieve their goals.

Source: Transforming IT? Keep your eye on three time horizons | CIO

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