France Has Banned Work Email on the Weekends, and So Should We – Vogue

There’s so much to love about France: fries, fancy state daycare, and, now, an official ban on work email after-hours. Embedded in El Khomri, France’s controversial new labor reform package, which allows companies to up the country’s cherished 35-hour work week, is a measure protecting employees’ fundamental “right to disconnect.” The provision makes it unlawful[…]

Why you shouldn’t completely unplug on vacation

Ah, vacation! Time to set up your “out of office” notification, shut down your computer, turn off your phone and forget about work — or, maybe not. You’ve seen lots of articles explaining how you can disconnect while on holiday, but some people share a different view.Not staying connected to the office while on vacation[…]

A Better Pursuit Than Work-Life Balance

Workaholic–this is worn like a badge of honor by many entrepreneurs and executives, but the truth is that in the long run it’s not helping anyone. Working long hours and sacrificing one’s personal life is not good for business.The belief in work-life balance is a zero-sum game with no winners. When you play this game[…]

8 Things That Are Killing Your Focus & How To Concentrate Better

It’s not unusual to find ourselves losing concentration when working on tasks throughout the day and simply feeling incapable of staying focused at work. Today, there are so many distractions that seem to come up at every turn, especially given our addictions to our phones and social media, and Source: 8 Things That Are Killing[…]