Google Finds Web Video Viewability Rates Of 62% In U.S.

Google has released its Global State of Play report for video with data showing the seriousness of ad fraud and viewability challenges. The rates vary depending on the advertising exchange where DoubleClick Bid Manager buys video ads and the market in which the ads are served. Google took a look at the state of viewablity[…]

The Great (And Pointless) App-Versus-Mobile-Web Debate

To which channel does the future belong: mobile apps or the mobile Web?It’s the great debate of our age — and, well, a complete waste of time.“The app-versus-mobile-Web debate is pointless,” Forrester analysts Julie Ask and Nicole Dvorak write in a new report. “Consumers rely on both nearly equally.”The fact is that consumers prefer mobile[…]

More Internet Usage From The Laggards 

According to the National Telecommunications & Information Administration Study, (NTIA), Americans are making strides in Internet usage among groups of people who have historically been known for their offline status. According to the just released data from 2015, senior citizens increased their Internet usage from 51 to 56% between 2013-2015, while children saw an even[…]

How the Idea of Industry-As-A-Platform Will Drive a Wave of Disruption 

This article could just as easily have been headlined “How various empires will strike back.” But what are the empires and who will they strike back against?For the last few decades, the biggest players in most major industries have been sitting-out the computer and Internet revolutions as they’ve watched technology behemoths and startups sprouting-up around[…]

Project Decibel Exposed: Starry to Test Wireless Internet Access

With Aereo, Chet Kanojia took on the broadcast industry — and lost spectacularly. Now, he is getting ready to go up against an equally formidable foe: Kanojia is about to unveil a new startup that could provide wireless internet access in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., and in turn directly compete with big incumbents[…]

By 2019 80% of Internet traffic will be online video – Internet – BizReport

Cisco’s Visual Networking Index report forecasts a massive surge in global video Internet traffic in the next five years fueled by global increases in Internet users, personal devices and machine-to-machine connections, faster broadband speeds, and the adoption of advanced video services. Source: By 2019 80% of Internet traffic will be online video – Internet –[…]