Project Soli 2.0 is a tiny radar for wearables

Smartwatches have really hit their stride in the past couple years with popular products from brands like Samsung, Apple, FitBit, Motorola, and more each promising their own set of features to make them worth putting on your wrist.Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with smartwatches is that their size limits the wearer’s ability to navigate[…]

Wearables, Appliances, E-Commerce Boost Best Buy Results 

Consumers’ healthy appetite for wearables, appliances and home theater helped Best Buy beat the retail blues this quarter. The Minneapolis-based chain, which had been forecasting a decline in same-store sales, says revenues and profits both improved.In the U.S., same-store sales came in flat, as opposed to the expected 2% decline, “driven by strong year-over-year sales[…]

20% Have Wearables, 15% More Plan To Get One 

Wearables and smart home devices are on a tear.Among the fastest growing technology categories overall, wearable fitness trackers are now owned by almost two times more households than just a year ago.Those fitness trackers are owned by 20% of U.S. households with another 15% of households planning to purchase one in the next year, based[…]

Tapping Wearables Data: 38% Of Marketers Want Daily Routine, 37% Precise Location 

Wearable devices aren’t just for collecting, aggregating and analyzing personal data for the individual wearing the device.Marketers are looking to tap into that data.Fitness trackers can provide a consumer with great activity insight from throughout the day or week and even benchmark against others. Along with other features, smartwatches can be used to tap and[…]

Consumers Still Wary Of Wearables 

Consumers still aren’t completely sold on the idea of wearables. According to a survey of more than 1,000 American consumers by Colloquy, nearly two-thirds (63%) believe wearables are too expensive. At the same time, more than half (52%) said they don’t know enough to fully understand them.“The perception is because of the newness [of the devices],[…]

Not The Internet Of Things Generation: Only 9% Of Teens Likely To Own A Wearable 

Discussions about IoT adoption often take into consideration the expectations of what the next generation will do.This is a challenging concept, since the next generation won’t be looking at buying the current generation of IoT products.But there are starting to be some early indicators of some of the thinking of the next generation, at least[…]

Wave-And-Pay Wearables Are Convenient for Users and Crooks Alike 

Peter Li, co-founder of Atlas Wearables Inc., liked the virtual wallet one of the company’s partners built into his fitness bands for a demo earlier this year.“You just walk up, wave your wristband,” said Li, who’s also chief executive officer of Austin-based Atlas. “There’s a huge application for what a wrist tracker can do for buying[…]

Wearable Buyers: 89% Comfortable With Technology, 74% See It As Exciting 

The growth of wearable, Internet-connected things is massive but the question is who are the people buying all these gadgets?It turns out the buyers are quite high-tech, very much into social media and attuned to style.The majority (89%) of future wearable buyers are comfortable with technology, according to a new study. They also view wearable[…]

Smartwatches Overtake Swiss Watches; Apple Leads The Way 

Another milestone has been reached in The Internet of Things, this one relating to smartwatches.The number of smartwatches shipped has just passed the number of Swiss watch shipments worldwide.Global smartwatch shipments reached 8.1 million units in the last quarter of 2015, compared to 7.9 million Swiss watch shipments, according to the latest tally from Strategy[…]

Smartwatches dominate in 2015; LG’s upcoming watch to sport highest resolution display

With smartwatches reportedly dominating the wearable market in the future, LG’s upcoming Android wear this year will be among those that will sport the highest screen resolution. Source: Smartwatches dominate in 2015; LG’s upcoming watch to sport highest resolution display