Consumers still think wearables are expensive, confusing — but also ‘nerdy cool’ 

Wearable technology is now very much a part of everyday life, thanks largely to the success of fitness trackers – including Fitbits – and smartwatches. However, it’s still a stretch to suggest wearables are mainstream, and though the average consumer is cautiously interested in the devices, the results of a recent survey suggest many folks still have[…]

Wearable Fitness Tracker Activity: Fitbit 73%, Under Armour 7%; Brand Messaging Tags Along 

Many people are attracted to wearable fitness trackers with the intention of using the device to help measure and track various aspects of their health.But over time, many new features and capabilities got added to the ecosystem around fitness trackers, with more entities clamoring for a piece of the consumer’s time and attention.The fitness tracker[…]

Wearable Data Gives Marketers That Real-Time Connection With Consumers

Biometrics and imagination will transform into utilities that give brands the ability to collect wearable data from the human body for smarter ad targeting. The hardware will fall away and the data stored in the cloud will become the key for marketers that want to stay with consumers through their daily activities.Info is based on[…]

How Under Armour went from shoes and sweats to a health dashboard that might save lives

Home Software How Under Armour went from shoes and sweats to a health dashboard that might save livesImagine if you knew when you’ll be sick or if you’ll have a heart attack—that’s Under Armour’s goal for connected fitness.under armour sxsw plank CommentsCaitlin McGarryCaitlin McGarry | @Caitlin_McGarryStaff Writer, Macworld Mar 14, 2016 2:52 PMWhen Under Armour[…]