40 virtual reality predictions

At the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Jesse Schell, professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center and CEO of Schell Games, made 40 predictions about the future of virtual reality.ted talkFour mindblowing Ted Talks for techiesTED talks make that possible to do in a single sitting. Here are four talks that[…]

Proof phones are the future of VR, IoT, and all the other cool tech you’re waiting for 

The annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona just wrapped up, and it has arguably become more important than even the giant Consumer Electronics Show in terms of indicating where technology is headed. Despite highlighting many different trends — and focusing especially on virtual reality — the bottom line at the conference seemed to be that,[…]

Augmented reality is conquering new frontiers with Star Wars

Earlier this year, LMxLAB, a research and development division for Lucasfilm and Disney, unveiled a new augmented reality installation called the Holo-Cinema at the New Frontiers program for the Sundance Film Festival.The technology uses lightweight 3-D glasses covered in sensors, motion-tracking cameras, projectors, two screen walls, and the floor to immerse users in a cinematic world.The Sundance[…]