One tweet can go a long way!

Recently, I was traveling and booked in a seat that didn’t quite excite me for the almost three- hour flight. I checked in 24 hours in advance and monitored the seat map throughout the day, hoping a better seat would become available. I really wanted the leg room of an emergency row seat. I was[…]

Twitter’s User Growth Stalled And Advertisers Don’t Care (Yet)

After Twitter reported stagnant user growth in the fourth quarter — with a decline in US users and an overall global bump of just three percent year over year — share prices started sinking, and the doomsday press coverage churned. In all of this, a revenue story that might otherwise read as promising, if not[…]

Stickers and GIFs: How Twitter’s pitching advertisers on its comeback plan – Digiday

Twitter’s user-base growth has stalled despite a series of product tweaks, but along with an algorithm change, CEO Jack Dorsey is pushing a batch of new products to jumpstart the platform — and convince advertisers the company is going in the right direction.Twitter is also doubling down on stickers, GIFs and videos to keep people more engaged, according to advertising[…]

Teleportation, Inc.: Inside Periscope

It’s just before 11 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in San Francisco. At the offices of live video-streaming app Periscope—located in an alley next door to a combo café/laundromat/arcade—cofounder Kayvon Beykpour and engineer Aaron Wasserman are huddled in a conference room, preparing to do a Periscope about Periscope. More specifically, it will be about the[…]

Instagram Tests Aggregated Content Streams

Taking a page from Snapchat and Twitter, Instagram is testing aggregated content streams. The new feature bears a strong resemblance to Snapchat’s popular Live Stories feature, which also includes curated content from around the network’s universe. Source: Instagram Tests Aggregated Content Streams 11/03/2015