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Sales Lead Prioritization for Inbound Sales

When a sales rep gets a lead — whether it’s an inbound lead, a referral, or sourced through the rep’s own efforts — they have to prioritize it against the other opportunities they’re working. And this can be a challenge, because while one lead might look great on paper, another could ultimately prove to be[…]

Why Your Degree, Experience, and Hard Work No Longer Matter

I love reading/listening to business related books. I get to learn about new paradigms of thought and principles that can help my personal and business life.Recently, I was able to read a new book called Not Taught, written by Keenan, founder of A Sales Guy. He writes about What It Takes To Be Successful in[…]

5 Signs You’re Talking At (Not Talking To) Your Prospects

You’d think that for a salesperson, talking a lot about their product would be the best way to win a deal. After all, how can prospects decide to buy (or not) unless they know what they’re paying for?Yet one of sales’ biggest ironies is that the more you talk about your product, the less likely[…]

8 Things That Are Killing Your Focus & How To Concentrate Better

It’s not unusual to find ourselves losing concentration when working on tasks throughout the day and simply feeling incapable of staying focused at work. Today, there are so many distractions that seem to come up at every turn, especially given our addictions to our phones and social media, and Source: 8 Things That Are Killing[…]

Following Up with Prospects: 90 Percent Never Do

            Would you believe that over 90% of these people NEVER followed up on their quotes? I am absolutely amazed by that! And after my recent experience with these contractors, I’m even more convinced that just following up regularly gives you a significant edge over your competition.  Source: Following Up with[…]