3 TED Talks Every Sales Professional Should Watch

Great sales departments motivate their employees with incentives, contests, and — you guessed it — pep talks.Viewed regularly by millions across the globe, TED Talks bring valuable new perspectives to the table.┬áHere are three interesting, entertaining, and very valuable TED Talks from a productivity expert, economist, and motivational speechwriter to kick off your day.1) Eddie[…]

The best TED talk to watch for anyone who hires or might one day be in the position to make a hiring decision (HR & Hiring Managers)

We’ve all applied for jobs we thought were just the right fit, but for whatever reason, many times unbeknownst to us, we’re not chosen, even for a preliminary interview. We feel confident that we’ve got the right stuff and would definitely excel in the organization. Even if we are not the perfect candidate on paper,[…]