5 B2B Sales Call Techniques That Get More Meetings

Last week I spent an hour listening to some of our team’s sales calls. Analyzing both live and recorded calls is something I do on a regular basis, since sharing both wildly successful conversations and the not-so-successful ones across our team enables reps and marketers to better understand our what customers and prospects want.If there’s[…]

4 Tactics to Sell Expensive Products

While the high-margin items are the ones that keep your company in the green, a lot of people in sales lack confidence selling the most expensive items on the list.To win these sales, you need to approach them a different way.A few things to keep in mind:1. Be open-minded about your prospects. Never write off[…]

The Art of Asking Open-Ended Questions

You bring value to your prospects, clients, and yourself through the questions you ask — but only if they’re good questions. Allow me to introduce you to a concept I call “high-value questions.”Simply stated, a high-value question is one that creates a learning experience for either the questioner (you), the person being questioned (your prospect[…]