How underemployment contributes to the STEM skills gap

While unemployment remains low, underemployment is a severely underrated problem in today’s economy, and it’s contributing to the IT skills gap across the board, according to a new report from cloud compensation and benchmarking services provider PayScale.The report, The War on the American Worker: The Underemployed, surveyed 962,956 U.S. workers between March 26, 2014 and[…]

Arkansas Coding Academy to Boost Students’ Job Skills in Computer Science

Students in Arkansas now can gain real-world skills in coding and computer science, thanks to a new partnership between the University of Central Arkansas and Metova. The university and mobile app development company today announced the opening of the Arkansas Coding Academy, which will “provide turnkey education and training opportunities to individuals seeking new careers[…]

Diversify Your STEM Workforce: The Employer-College Connection 

If the goal is to hire an engineering workforce that reflects the population at large, then employers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields are failing. Consider that African-Americans comprised 3.6 percent of the engineering workforce in 2013, while Hispanics constituted 6.6 percent and women accounted for 14.8 percent, according to the National Science[…]

Experts: Collaborate to Create Next Generation of Women in STEM

Talmesha Richards remembered being in third grade and thinking math was “the worst thing in the whole wide world.” She then went on to receive bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in cellular molecular medicine.”I hated math but then I had a teacher who took an interest in me,” says Richards,[…]

‘Design Squad Global’ Hooks Up US, Africa Kids in STEM Exchange

In an increasingly digitized world, cultivating a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) mindset is crucial to mint a new generation of makers who understand unmet global needs. One partnership is looking to do that by building bridges between U.S. and southern African kids to give STEM skills a boost.Using after-school programs or “clubs,” Design[…]

Apple’s latest acquisition is an education-focused startup

Apple went on a major shopping spree last year, acquiring a handful of startups from different fields — depth-sensing cameras, speech technology and more. But it doesn’t look like the company’s had enough. As Bloomberg reports, Apple has purchased LearnSprout, a firm with an education service which lets academic staff members analyze student data. While[…]

Laurene Powell Jobs Commits $50 Million to Create New High Schools

Ms. Powell Jobs has ventured more into the public sphere since her husband, Apple’s Steve Jobs, died in 2011, and now she plans to finance an experiment in overhauling education. Source: Laurene Powell Jobs Commits $50 Million to Create New High Schools – The New York Times