Square And Facebook Serve Up Offline Attribution For An Ohio Eatery 

As proprietor and chef at Café Avalaun, a gluten-free restaurant just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Brian Doyle would rather cook, bake and make crêpes than spend his life on marketing.“We don’t do a lot of traditional advertising because it’s expensive and it’s hard to know if you’re actually hitting your target audience,” said Doyle, who[…]

Square Launches Register API for Android 

Square has launched a Register API for Android. The release arrives after an iOS version was released in March. The API allows developers to build custom point-of-sale applications on Android that take swipe, dip, or tap payments through Sqaure hardware and integrate with Square’s various software and service offerings. The new API expands Square’s Build[…]

Square API Leaves Apps Vulnerable to XSS Attacks

The way the Square API delivers JSON output makes it possible for attackers to engage in a cross-site scripting (XSS) under certain circumstances. The vulnerability was discovered by security researcher Ajay Chavda and reported to Square on August 7, 2015 through its bug bounty program on HackerOne. He says it was triaged on August 12, but[…]