Other Peoples’ Software: Five Good Business Reasons To Adopt APIs

Can a business these days survive without creating or engaging or getting involved in any way with web APIs? Perhaps, but it would be missing out on one of the most compelling opportunities since the rise of the cloud era. Plus, in the words of Brian Koles of ChallengePost, it would also risk standing alone[…]

Enterprises and the API economy: MYOB’s API strategy 

Application programming interfaces are a tool to aid software development. But according to Deloitte, they’re also increasingly a business model driver and boardroom consideration for enterprises.APIs are enabling enterprises to more easily open up their capabilities — to internal customers, partners and third-party developers.Increasingly, enterprises are exploring ways of expanding their partner networks or even[…]

12 Sites That Will Teach You Coding for Free

There was a time when knowing how to program was for the geekiest of geeks. That’s not exactly the case today. As most entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers will tell you, learning how to program can help you succeed. Over the past year, I’ve been learning to code. It’s helped me to become a much better[…]