13 ways your business can attract more social media followers 

Most businesses these days, especially retail and service businesses, have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. But in order to attract prospective customers to your business page(s), you need to actively court and engage fellow Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn users. How? Here are 13 suggestions.Download the May digital magazineCover story: How analytics transforms IoT[…]

Pew Research: 62 percent of US adults get news from social media

Pew Research Center has come out with its newest survey, reporting that 62 percent of US adults are getting their news on social media. After surveying 4,654 members of Pew’s American Trends Panel, it was found that 70 percent of reddit users access news from the social sharing network, 66 percent of Facebook users get[…]

B2B marketers start to see value in social media 

Social media is becoming a preferred channel for business-centric sales and marketing professionals, according to a new report from Forrester Research. While B2C marketers have been using social for years, it is now a crucial access point for establishing new and rewarding relationships in the enterprise, the report says. Download the May digital magazineCover story: How[…]