Teens’ Ownership of Smartphones Has Surged

The image of teenagers staring at smartphone screens is a time-capsule-worthy emblem of our times. The irony is that teens have suffered the indignity of underindexing significantly for owning smartphones, as explored in a new eMarketer report, “US Teens: How Smartphones Fit into (and Disrupt) Their Daily Lives” (eMarketer PRO customers only).SHARE00000Earlier in the smartphone[…]

Get it together with software, or get out, Gartner tells smartphone manufacturers 

Smartphone manufacturers are facing an increasingly stark choice: Build an ecosystem of services around their devices, or get out of the game altogether.Only those able to deliver value beyond the hardware, like Apple, or to manufacture at scale, such as Samsung Electronics, are likely to survive, according to Gartner analyst Roberta Cozza.As for manufacturers that[…]

Smartphones not productive, managers say 

Despite the hype of business chat messaging and a perception of smartphones introducing a connected work-everywhere lifestyle, a surprisingly large number of bosses are not at all happy with the proliferation of the devices.Why I switched back to FirefoxRemember when you ditched Firefox for Chrome and pinkie-swore you’d never go back? Yeah, me too.READ NOWThe[…]

Internet, Smartphone Use Rises In Emerging Nations 

Although there is still a strong relationship between per-capita income, Web access and smartphone ownership, the percentage of people in emerging and developing nations who say that they use the Web and own a smartphone has risen noticeably over the past two years.In fact, while smartphones are much more common in advanced economies, smartphone ownership[…]

Smartphone Consumers: Most Use 1-6 Apps a Day, 61% Access Browser

The app vs. mobile website dilemma continues. For the longest time, many major retailers have found that their customers prefer mobile websites over their apps, no matter how much better the app isfor an interactive experience. Various studies also regularly pointed to mobile website over app preferences by shoppers. Source: Smartphone Consumers: Most Use 1-6[…]