Have you changed your Punctuation?

I recently overheard a coaching session focused on a sales call. When I heard the coach state “..we need to change our punctuation from ! (Exclamations) to ? (Questions)” I began to think about his point. As sales professionals, what would the impact be if we spent more time asking questions as opposed to exclaiming[…]

5 B2B Sales Call Techniques That Get More Meetings

Last week I spent an hour listening to some of our team’s sales calls. Analyzing both live and recorded calls is something I do on a regular basis, since sharing both wildly successful conversations and the not-so-successful ones across our team enables reps and marketers to better understand our what customers and prospects want.If there’s[…]

4 Tactics to Sell Expensive Products

While the high-margin items are the ones that keep your company in the green, a lot of people in sales lack confidence selling the most expensive items on the list.To win these sales, you need to approach them a different way.A few things to keep in mind:1. Be open-minded about your prospects. Never write off[…]

The Amazing Evolution and Power of Inside Sales

Entrepreneurs, especially at those early-stage startups considering the best way to sell their products and services, should strive to know the power of inside sales, and how much the process has changed over the years due to the advent of virtual tools and technologies. The role of virtually-based inside sales professionals has evolved into the[…]

The 5 Characteristics of Extraordinary Salespeople

In all of the coverage of Derek Jeter’s  fairytale end to a fairytale baseball career, one fact goes unmentioned: across 12,000 plate appearances, Jeter struck out over 1,800 times placing him 13th on the all-time strikeout list. And yet, Jeter is widely considered to be the greatest ballplayer of his generation. He, much like Babe[…]