What is the Difference Between an API and an SDK? 

Understanding the difference between an API (Application Programming Interface) and an SDK (Software Development Kit), and knowing when to provide each, is incredibly important for fostering a developer ecosystem. In the modern development landscape, these two tools and the synchronicity between them are the driving force behind web communication and the implementation of third party[…]

Why API Providers Should Offer SDKs 

If your business is providing a website and/or mobile app–or even if a website or mobile app merely drives revenue for your core business–then the speed with which customers adopt that offering is critical to the success of your business. Perhaps you’ve even enhanced the versatility of your website by offering an API that allows[…]

How SDKs and Community Drove Contentful’s 2000% Growth In Two Years

This case study looks at the strategies employed by Contentful, a content management service completely managed via APIs. Users can upload and store content, create website and mobile interfaces, and set rules about what content should be displayed in each channel, all via API. Developers pay to use the API through on a tiered subscription[…]

What Successful API Strategies Have In Common: The 3 “Blooms of Growth”

Many businesses are realizing the opportunities that come when services, products, data and delivery channels are managed via APIs.As a result, businesses are exploring API strategies that commence with an API-first design approach and recognize the importance of providing a high-quality developer experience through the creation of resources such as detailed documentation; sandbox environments to[…]