Other Peoples’ Software: Five Good Business Reasons To Adopt APIs

Can a business these days survive without creating or engaging or getting involved in any way with web APIs? Perhaps, but it would be missing out on one of the most compelling opportunities since the rise of the cloud era. Plus, in the words of Brian Koles of ChallengePost, it would also risk standing alone[…]

2015: API Deprecation and Versioning Now a More Strategic Issue 

Retiring an API is often an unacknowledged part of the API lifecycle. But how an API is deprecated (often referred to as ‘sunsetting an API’), is part of an API’s product life that can have a fundamental impact on future developer relationships and even the overall trustworthiness of a business’ reputation.“From a legal perspective, an[…]

Study Highlights Security Risks of Various Programming languages 

On December 3, 2015, Veracode released their bi-annual State of Software Security (SOSS) Report that draws on more than 200,000 application scans and trillions of lines of code. The goal of the report was to analyse how different programming languages and platforms correlate to critical software security issues.The findings showed that some programming languages are[…]

How To Explain APIs To Your CEO

But really now, can we honestly expect C-suite executives to take an interest in Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) today? Here’s an argument for why the answer could be yes.Ten years ago very few non-techies were comfortable with the term ‘applications’. But thanks to the arrival of the iPad and the ubiquitous nature of the smartphone,[…]

Incredible opportunities offered by the “API economy”

API, application program interface, is becoming a buzzword in the IT world. According to Wikipedia, API is “a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications”. For a more appealing definition, let us ask IBM, which describes the API economy as “the commercial exchange of business functions, capabilities, or competencies as services using[…]

Is a Snapchat Advertising API on the Way?

A number of ad tech sources reported that Snapchat has engaged select ad partners for an advertising API development. Snapchat declined to comment, but many have anticipated an advertising API from Snapchat. While an ad API makes sense, Snapchat has an unfortunate history with API vulnerabilities. Source: Is a Snapchat Advertising API on the Way?[…]