Digital health tools tackle Zika and other health hazards of Rio Olympics 

The 2016 Olympic Games are, defiantly, upon us. In the face of Rio de Janeiro’s questionable quality of air, water, mosquito-borne disease control, plus high crime rates, public health officials around the world are bracing for the impact.So, where safety and public health interventions end, the apps are here to fill in the gaps. Most[…]

Olympians turn to wearables, virtual reality and other digital health tools for an edge in Rio

The Olympics aren’t just for athletes. It’s also an opportunity for sports tech companies – including makers of vitals-monitoring wearables, fitness and training apps, and other digital tools – to show off their technology on an international stage. In Rio, athletes are looking for every edge to compete, and that includes the latest gadgets.Samsung offered[…]

Sports Fans to Turn to Traditional TV to Watch Rio Olympics 

Television is likely to remain the top live viewing channel in the US for the upcoming Summer Olympics. According to May 2016 research, the majority of US sports fans said they plan to be glued to the Rio Games via TV this August. But marketers shouldn’t count out other screens when it comes to simultaneous[…]