Glassdoor sued by user whose email was ‘leaked’ instead of BCC’ed 

A little over a week ago, Glassdoor began emailing its users to let them know of an update to the site’s terms of service. But rather than BCC’ing its anonymous reviewers, Glassdoor dumped their email addresses into a regular ol’ CC field, effectively outing at least 600,000 members of the site. Now, one of those[…]

New smartphone app can manage your privacy preferences 

Researchers are developing a personalised privacy assistant app that can simplify the task of setting permissions for your smartphone applications.That is a job that requires well over a hundred decisions, an unmanageable number for the typical user, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US said.The privacy assistant can learn the user’s preferences and[…]

Appeals Court Sides With Delta In Battle Over App Privacy 

Siding with Delta Air Lines, a California appellate court has ruled that the company’s app need not comply with a state law requiring Web site operators to post privacy policies.The Court of Appeal’s First Appellate District accepted Delta’s argument that a federal law governing airlines trumped California’s Online Privacy Protection Act. The decision upheld a[…]

Lawsuit claims Facebook illegally scanned private messages

Share on Facebook (428) Tweet Share (78) Pin (2) Facebook may have violated federal privacy laws by scanning private messages, according to a lawsuit certified for class action yesterday in Northern California District Court. The allegations center around Facebook’s practice of scanning and logging URLs sent through the site’s private messaging system. Those scans serve a[…]

FTC To Tackle Privacy Concerns Raised By Smart TVs 

The Federal Trade Commission plans to explore consumer protection issues raised by new technologies, including “smart TVs,” the agency announced this week.”In 2016, virtually all television delivery systems — smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles, apps, and even old-fashioned set-top boxes — track consumers’ viewing habits, and sometimes in new and unexpected ways,” the FTC[…]

Google complaint highlights continued privacy concerns 

Parents and educators hailed FERPA, COPPA and the Student Privacy Pledge as significant steps toward securing student data. But the Electronic Frontier Foundation believes that Google, a prominent player in edtech, is already violating those measures.In December, the foundation, a nonprofit digital rights group based in San Francisco, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade[…]