Pew Research: 62 percent of US adults get news from social media

Pew Research Center has come out with its newest survey, reporting that 62 percent of US adults are getting their news on social media. After surveying 4,654 members of Pew’s American Trends Panel, it was found that 70 percent of reddit users access news from the social sharing network, 66 percent of Facebook users get[…]

Apple Just Opened Up Its News App In a Big Way

Apple News’s 40 million users are about to have a lot more articles to read. The iPhone maker announced Tuesday the launch of a new Web-based editing tool that will open its native iOS news platform to independent publishers of all sizes.Since Apple launched the app in September, it has attracted more than 100 major[…]

What ‘Watching’ Means To College Students?

            TV-news-exec-turned-college-professor Mark Effron asked his students what media they used in the past 24 hours. You can imagine what was on the list. Media consumed: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, movies and series on Netflix, Google and an occasional news site like Devices: Smartphones (overwhelmingly), tablets, some laptops, an occasional[…]

The WDBJ Tragedy, a point for every workplace.

As a former TV News “Photog”, a profession you may leave, but it never leaves you, today is undeniably a tragic loss of two talented members of the profession. I won’t give my opinion on guns, or discuss how I feel about today’s tragedy here, but I will make one point. It is incumbent upon[…]