Netflix Streams Eating a Little Less of The Internet: Sandvine 

Netflix’s new, more efficient encoding scheme has resulted in a decline in its traffic share on fixed broadband networks, but the OTT service remains the Internet’s dominant force by a wide margin, according to Sandvine’s latest  Global Internet Phenomena study. The study, based on anonymous subscriber data collected by Sandvine in March 2016 from more than[…]

Netflix opens its Recommended TV program globally and raises the bar for inclusion 

Netflix has announced today that its Recommended TV program will be launching globally this year, as the video-streaming giant also lifts the lid on new criteria for inclusion and announces the first TV manufacturers to gain the coveted Netflix logo for 2016.First announced last January before launching a few months later, the “Netflix Recommended TV”[…]

Netflix Launches Mobile Data Saver, Reveals How It Has Been Capping Data All Along 

Netflix has announced that it is launching an update to its mobile app that will allow users to control how they consume data by manually adjusting the quality of the video they stream. The service will be available sometime in May, according to a blog post. In the same blog post, the on-demand video service also[…]

Broadcast TV Is Still Outpacing Netflix’s Top Shows by Millions of Viewers Per Episode

Hit streaming shows on Netflix and Amazon may seem to be pulling huge audiences, but they’re still lagging far behind TV’s top programs, according to data obtained exclusively by Adweek.Multiplatform measurement firm Symphony Advanced Media—whose data was recently used by NBC as evidence the network was staying well ahead of Netflix—has released a new round[…]

What ‘Watching’ Means To College Students?

            TV-news-exec-turned-college-professor Mark Effron asked his students what media they used in the past 24 hours. You can imagine what was on the list. Media consumed: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, movies and series on Netflix, Google and an occasional news site like Devices: Smartphones (overwhelmingly), tablets, some laptops, an occasional[…]