15 Netflix business documentaries to watch instantly

Here’s a quick and fun way to enrich your business knowledge: streaming documentaries on Netflix.The online movie and TV service has a vast cache of business and tech documentaries that anyone with a subscription can watch instantly. The topics range from profiles of great innovators like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford to the psychology behind[…]

Star Wars

National CineMedia Says Movie Theater Ads Are Benefitting From TV Industry’s Challenges

The pressures facing the television industry as a result of changing viewership habits aren’t going away any time soon, as evidenced by the latest string of earnings reports from the biggest media players. Aside from the usual suspects of streaming video services and new online platforms, there seems to be another beneficiary of the TV[…]

What ‘Watching’ Means To College Students?

            TV-news-exec-turned-college-professor Mark Effron asked his students what media they used in the past 24 hours. You can imagine what was on the list. Media consumed: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, movies and series on Netflix, Google and an occasional news site like CNN.com. Devices: Smartphones (overwhelmingly), tablets, some laptops, an occasional[…]