Patent Hints At Apple Watch Morphing Into Medical Device – InformationWeek

Apple appears to be eyeing the wearable medical device market for its Apple Watch, suggests the company’s patent filing released Thursday by the US Patent & Trademark Office.Apple’s “Care Event Detection and Alerts” patent features a wearable device that communicates with a smartphone to monitor the user’s vital signs and health. It detects problems such[…]

New pact to make electronic health records ‘work better’

Is getting your health records finally about to become as easy as booking an Uber?The Obama administration on Monday night announced a new agreement with major hospital systems and leading electronic health record vendors to make it easier for patients to access those digital records, reduce barriers to sharing the information between health providers, and[…]

How is pharma shifting its marketing budgets? 

When MM&M debuted its Healthcare Marketers Trend Report, in 2013, it had a single major goal in mind: The aim was to get a better sense of the collective mind-set among higher-up healthcare marketers, especially within the context of sweeping changes that threatened to unsettle established practitioners and newbies alike. How were they adjusting their strategic[…]

Study: 90 Percent of Hospitals Still Use Pagers and Overpay to Maintain Legacy Technology 

Despite widespread use of smartphones and other mobile devices among healthcare providers, 90 percent of hospitals still use pagers and overpay by 45 percent to maintain legacy paging services, according to a study by Tiger Text and using research conducted by HIMSS Analytics.The HIMSS Analytics research is based on a survey of 200 hospitals and[…]

Medical devices could be lethal in hands of hackers 

It is embarrassingly easy to hack medical devices, experts warn, creating a new security threat that could have life-or-death consequences. Among the many devices vulnerable to hackers are drug infusion pumps, which could be jimmied to deliver a lethal dose, anesthesia machines and Pacemakers.ADVERTISEMENTMany medical devices are produced by legacy companies that are new to designing[…]

FDA releases draft guidelines to improve cybersecurity in medical devices 

There’s no doubt that the global Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare market is growing. Sadly, the IoT is a bit of a cybersecurity nightmare; many smart things aren’t secured properly, leaving sensitive data, and sometimes people’s health, at risk. Cybersecurity in medical devices has been of concern for some years now – last year a[…]