10 Predictions for Media Metrics in 2016

It’s hard to keep score when the rules keep changing in the middle of the game.It’s even harder when the playing field keeps expanding so you’re not just competing against one team, but endless newcomers.That’s exactly what’s happened to media over the last several years.In 2016, the challenge for media will be deciding on the[…]

Digital’s big challenge in 2016: Accountability

A number of analysts have forecast 2016 will be the year digital ad spending surpasses television to become the No. 1 medium. But accountability remains a problem for the internet. While many advertisers are moving their dollars online, there are serious concerns dogging the medium, including worries about ad fraud, ad blocking and viewability. In[…]

Page Views Don’t Matter Anymore—But They Just Won’t Die

The page view is a zombie. For years, everyone has been saying it is no longer a meaningful way to measure online popularity. But the publishers who make websites and the advertisers who pay for them swore throughout the year that they’re no longer fooled. The era where a mere click is the crown jewel[…]

Ad Tech Growth Hits Speed Bump

Growth in the advertising technology industry may be hitting a speed bump.Dozens of companies offering technology to automate ad sales or offer more sophisticated ad-targeting have come onto the market in recent years, contributing to an unwieldy digital advertising ecosystem. Venture funding for ad tech startups is harder to come by and many more established[…]

Ad spending trends to watch in 2016

Get used to the term digital deflation.It’s the phrase coined to describe the overall decline in ad dollars that occurs when budgets are shifted from traditional to new media.Because digital is generally cheaper to buy than traditional media such as TV, magazines or radio, total dollars invested in the media economy also decline.While this doesn’t[…]

Why 2016 will be a year of breakups in programmatic

In the programmatic space, 2014 can be summed up as a year of snap decisions and bad relationships. There was a considerable amount of hot air and publishers, agencies and advertisers, to varying degrees, reacted to it in the heat of the moment. But 18 months later, I believe we will see a number of[…]

How do you reinvent a B2B media company for the future?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, but investors often take the view that there’s a sole path to success for a publisher, and only minor variation allowed along the way.But as pointed out by Briefing Media co-founder Neil Thackray when he chaired a panel entitled ‘Reinventing the business model for B2B products[…]

Out With The Old Media Buying, In With The New

Forrester Research predicts some big changes in media buying for B2C marketers in 2016, with easier access to insights and improved tech. Advances in tech and measurement will extend the value ofcustomer insights — beyond media buying and even marketing departments, says Luca Paderni, Forrester’s vice president and research director serving B2C marketing professionals. As[…]

Big bang, Part Two: San Antonio Spectrum Auction

In just two weeks, on Dec. 8, the Federal Communications Commission will set in motion a series of events that could well change the face of television in America and indeed of the entire media marketplace.In what’s known as a spectrum auction, the FCC is offering TV station owners huge sums of money to sell[…]