Use LinkedIn? You might want to change that password … now 

Another day, another security breach. They’ve almost become routine to many of us. This latest one actually happened in 2012, when LinkedIn, and later EHarmony, revealed that hackers had stolen the login info for about 6.5 million users. The new development is the revelation it actually affected over 100 million users. (Yes, that’s significantly more.) And now a hacker is selling user data[…]

5 reasons Microsoft’s $26B LinkedIn deal will be a catastrophic failure 

It’s not often these days that anyone can manage to sneak a big tech news story through without it leaking first.But the announcement that Microsoft is making its largest purchase of the Satya Nadella era in the form of LinkedIn landed like a punch in the kidney, awakening a still groggy Silicon Valley that wondered if[…]

Just Be Yourself on LinkedIn — and Watch Business Boom. (Infographic)

Putting your true self out there on Facebook or Twitter is pretty easy. Those networks are more casual, more “anything goes.” Being you on LinkedIn, a professional network (arguably the professional network), takes bravery.Related: 5 Tricks to Stand Out on LinkedInWe may fear what other professionals will think of us. Or we’re hesitant to break[…]

Save the Selfie for Facebook!

        The other day I received the typical “you may know this person” suggestion on LinkedIn. While I do know this person, it dawned on me that if I didn’t, I probably would not connect with them on a professional networking site when my first impression was that of the handheld Selfie[…]