Snowden develops an iPhone case meant to kill surveillance

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has come up with a concept iPhone case that could prevent the government from finding the user’s location.clouds 616122 1920Master Class: 3 ways to fast-track your journey to the cloud (with podcast and video)Listen, watch and learn as FCC CIO David Bray explains how to leverage change agents when[…]

Apple’s iPhone 7 gets even closer to the desktop

People aren’t stupid, but even smart people can be misled, and misleading is what the recent deluge of “iPhone 7 will be boring” nonsense will turn out to be, once Apple takes the wraps of its new, hyper-connected device. Here’s what we know:4 big talking pointsclouds 616122 1920Master Class: 3 ways to fast-track your journey[…]

Apple’s Recycling Robot Needs Your Help to Save the World

SOMEWHERE IN A Cupertino warehouse, a giant labors with robotic precision, its 29 arms singularly focused on one thing: an iPhone. But instead of putting pieces together, this robot is pulling pieces apart. It disassembles iPhones at the rate of one handset every 11 seconds—less time than it takes you to fish your phone out[…]

Why Apple no longer needs an iPhone ‘wow factor’ 

When Apple releases new products these days, the company simply doesn’t “wow” as many customers or industry watchers as it once did. Apple says it makes revolutionary changes in virtually all of its product innovations — a boast that invites endless skepticism from the tech press and other critics — but most of its true[…]