A buyer’s guide to Hispanic Millennials

There may be no single demographic more important for media buyers and planners to understand than Hispanic Millennials.There‚Äôs never been a group quite like them, and they will wield outsized influence on advertising over the next few years because of that uniqueness and the vast size of this group.There are almost 23 million Hispanic Millennials,[…]

Hispanic advertising is just fine, thank you

After a much-heralded launch in late 2014, Commonground/MGS abruptly closed down last week, putting some 300 employees out on the street.It came as a shock.A merger that included MGSCOMM and the Vidal Partnership, two big names in Hispanic media, Commonground/MGS was ranked the sixth-largest Latino agency in billings. It came just months after one of[…]

Why This Broadcaster Is Going Beyond TV to Wearables and VR

When Telemundo celebrates the best in U.S. Latin pop culture with tonight’s fourth-annual Premios Tu Mundo, live from Miami’s American Airlines Arena at 8 p.m., the Hispanic broadcaster will have more to tout than just its winners. Source: Why This Broadcaster Is Going Beyond TV to Wearables and VR | Adweek