FBI Agent to CHIME Attendees: The Cybersecurity Environment Is Becoming More Dangerous

The level of cybersecurity threat is growing exponentially in healthcare right now, but there are some very clear strategies that the leaders of patient care organizations can and should do in order to fight back. That was the core of the message that Timothy J. Wallach, a supervisory special agent in the Cyber Task Force[…]

New hacking device may threaten door locks, PoS systems

Data theft is a constant concern for hotels, but a new tool developed by a security researcher may raise the alarm on physical security in hospitality.Weston Hecker, a security researcher with Internet security company Rapid7, modified existing technology to create a device capable of reading and duplicating hotel keycards, and is even capable of guessing[…]

What Are the Risks of Hacking Infrastructure? Nobody Really Knows

The systems we rely on most for some of the nation’s most sensitive infrastructure, such as the power grid, manufacturing, oil and gas facilities, and water utilities, face cybersecurity threats we do not fully understand. This leads to a gap in reporting that can be filled by “experts” with questionable experience and hyped-up metrics.All this[…]

Expert: Deficient State Department cybersecurity threatens small business 

Deficient cybersecurity at Hillary Clinton’s State Department could have negative implications for American businesses, a House panel heard on Wednesday, due to vulnerabilities that foreign actors have been able to exploit in the quest to steal trade secrets.Noting FBI Director James Comey’s Tuesday statement that the agency had “developed evidence that the security culture of[…]

Are you failing Security Basics 101? 

Security tools are getting more sophisticated. DevOps is bringing us automation in operations, and a more holistic way of looking at how we manage infrastructure. But all too often, we’re not doing basic things to improve security and reliability, like protecting against known vulnerabilities.Download the March 2016 digital issueInside: What you need to know about[…]

Truckers: how anyone could track you on the IoT

Thinking of “IoT”? Forget about the Internet of Things, this one’s a gaping hole in the Internet of Trucks. That’s what security researcher Jose Carlos Norte found when he went looking for TGUs using Shodan. To explain: a TGU is a Telematic Gateway Unit, where the word telematics refers to “measuring things from afar,” and[…]

Semiconductor Engineering Unexpected Security Holes

Security is emerging as one of the top challenges in semiconductor design across a variety of markets, with the number of security holes growing by orders of magnitude in sectors that have never dealt with these kinds of design constraints before.While security has been a topic of conversation for years in mobile phones and data[…]

Hackers Remotely Shut Down a Jeep at 70 MPH

          There are connected cars and then there are cars that can be ‘disconnected,’ at least from the driver. In a somewhat on-the-edge experiment published this week, two well-known hackers tapped into amoving Jeep and remotely operated the radio, air conditioning and windshield wipers. Source: Hackers Remotely Shut Down a Jeep[…]