FBI trying to build legal cases against Russian hackers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is intensifying efforts to find enough evidence to enable the Justice Department to indict some of the Russians that U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded are hacking into American political parties and figures, U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials said on Thursday.Building legal cases is difficult, largely because the best evidence[…]

Cyber ‘Smear’: Hackers Publish Olympians’ Medical Records 

In what a U.S. official said was a “smear” attack on American Olympians, hackers have posted online medical and drug testing records for top athletes including gymnast Simone Biles, tennis players Serena and Venus Williams and basketball player Elena Delle Donne.The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced online today that hackers, who were previously linked to[…]

Apple To Pay Out Up To $200,000 For Flaws In iOS, iCloud Code

Apple is following in the footsteps of other tech and automotive companies by offering hackers $200,000 to find iOS and iCloud product flaws and holes in its code.The bug bounty program is part of an industrywide sweep to find bugs in source code in an effort to prevent or to deter hackers from finding the[…]

Doctor devises new database methodology to thwart hackers and end big data breaches

Longtime healthcare and technology veteran William Yasnoff, MD, has created a personal grid tactic for tuning relational databases to make it harder for hackers to steal large sets of medical records.And Yasnoff, a managing partner at NHII Advisors, said that hospital CIOs and CISOs or technology vendors can use the personal grid approach for free.[…]

Hackers can exploit smartwatches, fitness trackers to steal your ATM PIN 

If you don’t trust wearable devices, then you weren’t being paranoid as new research proved how smartwatches and fitness trackers, which are recording your movements, can be exploited by attackers to steal your ATM PIN or password.Mobile management takes on apps, contentEnterprise mobile management suites are adding app- and content-management features to the roster ofREAD[…]

Tech groups say FBI shouldn’t be allowed to do mass hacking 

Congress should block proposed changes to rules governing U.S. law enforcement investigations that could give law enforcement agencies new authority to hack thousands of computers, several tech and advocacy groups said.25 best cities for jobsTech positions are among the in-demand jobs in most of the 25 citiesREAD NOWCongress should stop the proposed changes, approved by[…]

10 ways law firms can make life difficult for hackers 

In the world of cybercrime, everybody from individuals to nation states is a target – some more attractive than others, of course. Health care organizations have gotten the most headlines recently, and the Internet of Things (IoT) offers an almost unlimited attack surface.But law firms are attractive too. They hold sensitive, confidential data ranging from[…]

Election fraud feared as hackers target voter records

A series of data breaches overseas are spurring concerns that hackers could manipulate elections in the United States.Since December, hundreds of millions of voters in the U.S., the Philippines, Turkey and Mexico have had their data discovered on the web in unprotected form. In some instances, legitimate security researchers found the information, but in others,[…]

Verizon Business Customer Information Is Hacked 

Hackers supposedly stole customer contact information.Verizon’s division that helps Fortune 500 companies respond to data breaches, has suffered a data breach of its own.Customer contact information supposedly stolen from Verizon’s enterprise unit appeared online earlier this week, reports Brian Krebs, an independent cybersecurity journalist. He happened upon the cache while trawling the web.During his search,[…]