Twitter accounts hacked, Twitter Counter steps forward as culprit

Twitter Counter, a third-party analytics service, appears once again to have provided a gateway for hackers to post messages to high-profile Twitter accounts.An unlikely number of Twitter users suddenly learned to speak Turkish on Wednesday, posting an inflammatory message in the language replete with Nazi swastikas.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––Among those posting the message were the Twitter[…]

NSA’s use of software flaws to hack foreign targets posed risks to cybersecurity 

To penetrate the computers of foreign targets, the National Security Agency relies on software flaws that have gone undetected in the pipes of the Internet. For years, security experts have pressed the agency to disclose these bugs so they can be fixed, but the agency hackers have often been reluctant. Now with the mysterious release[…]

100 million vehicles are vulnerable to hack that unlocks doors

Almost every car developed by Volkswagen AG since 1995 carries a known vulnerability that is susceptible to cyberattacks, according to a paper authored by researchers from the University of Birmingham and German engineering firm Kasper & Oswald. The vulnerability, according to the report, allows for hackers to intercept, record and thereby clone signals sent from a victim’s[…]

Katy Perry’s Twitter account, the platform’s most followed, got hacked 

Many of Katy Perry’s 89 million Twitter followers—the most on the platform—were probably intrigued and confused when the pop star tweeted supposed archnemesis Taylor Swift this morning. As it turns out, that tweet—along with several others that were filled with profanity and slurs—was the work of a hacker and quickly deleted.Those tweets followed one that[…]

U.S. Infrastructure Can Be Hacked With Google, Simple Passwords 

Authorities say the Iranian computer hack of a New York dam is the symptom of a huge weakness in the U.S. infrastructure — dams, stadiums, traffic controls and power grids that can be accessed by anyone, including hostile nations or terrorists — with simple passwords or no passwords at all.New York U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara[…]

Could The New Streetcar In KC Be Hacked? 

Could the streetcar system be hacked? Someone using the internet to break in and take over a mass transit system hasn’t been reported yet, although some passenger cars have been successfully hacked.It’s for that reason that tech analyst Michael Garfield says, never say never. “If it’s possible that some malicious people could do this, for[…]

Pirates hacked a shipping firm to find boats to raid

Seaborne pirates just borrowed a page from their land-based counterparts. A Verizon security report has revealed that raiders hacked a shipping company’s content management system to determine which ships were worth boarding, and where the valuable cargo was located. They not only knew when to launch a raid, but the exact crates they had to[…]